BadeiDha Moe

Promoting social harmony by increasing social capital and ensuring all-inclusive natural resource governance by reducing socio-environmental conflicts.


A harmonious and prosperous society with sustainable and equitable natural resource governance


To conduct citizen and evidence-based advocacy and promote social capital amongst diverse communities



  1. Justice and Equity
  2. Respect Human Dignity
  3. Transparency and Accountability
  4. Professional Ethics


The Problem BadeiDha Moe addresses

The marginalized in our target areas do not have sufficient capacity, space, information or rights to systematically and effectively unite in the decision-making process for management of their community and natural resources because there is not necessary and appropriate delegation of authority within government, essential information is not publicly available and the application of free, prior and informed consent at all levels of governance does not comply with international standards of best practice.

Latest Updates on our Work



The 2018 Annual Report of BadeiDha Moe CSO

BDM is proud to announce that our annual report is now available. The 2018 Annual Report of BadeiDha Moe CSO is an expression of BadeiDha Moe’s gratitude to all of our supporters as well as a presentation of the assistance and achievements of our organization in 2018. Please see full details of all of our work …


Case Study: The Shwe Naung Phar Family

BDM CSO started to work in Naung Phar village (Ong Ma Hkar Village Tract) in Nawnghkio Township in Northern Shan State in 2014. At this time, there was only one volunteer group providing social and funeral services for the village. The villagers were facing social, economic and environmental issues. There were limited educational and job …