About Us

ABOUT Our WORK – History

BadeiDha Moe was formed in November 2010 for networking, sharing and strengthening local capacity through advocacy and the transfer of skills and knowledge to promote community participation at all stages of development.


BadeiDha Moe has implemented environmental, human rights, peace building and land projects across areas of Myanmar vulnerable to large-scale investment. Within these projects,  BadeiDha Moe provides legal aid, legal literacy and peace-building workshops to transform conflict and build inner understanding and harmony in communities.


BadeiDha Moe also has extensive experience researching land issues and raising the community concerns directly to Members of Parliament.


BadeiDha Moe’s current work focuses on resolving conflict in the peripheral areas of Myanmar through local women leading in solving disputes over land and natural resources.



A harmonious and prosperous society with sustainable and equitable natural resource governance


To conduct citizen and evidence-based advocacy and promote social capital amongst diverse communities.


1 – Justice and Equity

2 – Respect Human Dignity

3 – Transparency and Accountability

4 – Professional Ethics


The south-eastern state of Mon is a ceasefire territory but is yet to see peace and is  facing the threat of large-scale agriculture projects and the confiscation of the local people’s land and natural resources.



Kachin State, Myanmar’s northernmost state, continues to suffer from conflict between the Myanmar Army and ethnic armed organizations with land and natural resource conflicts emerging.


Northern Shan

The escalation of conflict in the resource rich Northern Shan State is dividing communities as armed organizations representing different ethnic groups fight each other and the local people suffer.


Southern Shan

Recent ceasefires have stabilized Southern Shan State and for now, the area is at peace and is gaining economic benefits from tourism but local people’s land rights need protection as new projects  arrive.