2019 Annual Report

It is with great pleasure that our BDM team can share the 2019 Annual report and celebrate ten years of our organization.

Determined youth activists with dedication and a dream to create, for future generations, a peaceful and harmonious environment, and society, where prosperity develops sustainably under equitable and non-discriminatory natural resource governance, founded our organization, BadeiDha Moe – Civil Society Organization (BDM – CSO) in 2010. In pursuit of this vision of a harmonious and prosperous society with sustainable and equitable natural resource governance, we registered in December 2016 and gained official recognition of the Union Government in January 2017. Since then, across the country, we have collaborated with different actors to conduct focus group discussions, stakeholder meetings, workshops, and training to various stakeholders, at all levels of society, relating to gender, conflict, law, land rights; presentation and advocacy; and personal development including inner peace, and leadership. Furthermore, as we support a non-violent approach, we have worked on surveys and research, and using this data and information, we have conducted evidence-based advocacy workshops with related stakeholders including government institutions and ethnic armed groups; conducted advocacy with policy papers on land rights and ownership; and provided pro-bono legal aid services and technical support for citizens. In order to broaden our reach and build a better understanding of rights and responsibilities, equality, equity, and non–discrimination among the public, we use creative methods of communication and delivery such as artistic works, comics, animations, and music. With dedication and commitment to create and support peace and prosperity for society as a whole, we continue to work towards this vision.